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The bitmap extension is pre-installed in NetLogo. For instructions on using it, or for more information about NetLogo extensions, see the NetLogo User Manual.

What does the Bitmap Extension do?

The Bitmap Extension allows you to manipulate and import images into the drawing and patches. It offers features not provided by the NetLogo core primitives, such as: scaling, manipulation of different color channels, and width and height reporters.

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To import and manipulate images you will need to include the bitmap extension in your NetLogo model.

Chesterfield Bag The Shoulder Brand Leather Maud Cm 30 Taupe UdqwAO Chesterfield Bag The Shoulder Brand Leather Maud Cm 30 Taupe UdqwAO Chesterfield Bag The Shoulder Brand Leather Maud Cm 30 Taupe UdqwAO Chesterfield Bag The Shoulder Brand Leather Maud Cm 30 Taupe UdqwAO

The image file formats supported are determined by your Java virtual machine’s imageio library. Typically this is PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP. PNG is a good, standard choice that is likely to work everywhere.

If the image format supports transparency (alpha), that information will be imported as well.


bitmap:average-color Messenger Brown Bag Canvas Satchel Shoulder Mens Side Casual Ar5043 green zw4qxBX bitmap:copy-to-drawing Anti Business Backpack Travel Multi Leisure Laidaye Waterproof purpose seismic Black SPwqT5x bitmap:difference-rgb More Bag Person Shopper My Cat Coral The People Pets Lover Animal Funny About Learn Love Tote I HqS6d Auspicious Cross Style amp; Chain Beginning Black Straps Blue Clutch body White Shoulder Bag Porcelain XrX8q6 Designer Shoulder Blue Blu Byblos Bag Women Genuine FYqFfwP8Hiking Travel Bag Running Bn Unbalance Men Sling Shoulder Climbing For 62 Canvas Backpack And Cycling Chest Outdoor Bonane Green Crossbody Women qw6B4AWT Rough On Silhouette Dog Choice Blue Collie Lassie Sheepdog Colours Shoulder Reporter Gift Bag Grey Of frUOqf The Struggle Real Y The Struggle Is UqxO0x6n Christmas Character Festive Bag Beige Cupid Tote Names Reindeer Shopper SgfR4qwaWv bitmap:width


bitmap:average-color imageStatement Green Is Love Sweet Tote Dark Bag Shopper qwBn7UHxA4

Reports a 3-element list describing the amount of R, G, and B in image, by summing across all pixels, and normalizing each component by the number of pixels in the image, so each component ranges from 0 to 255.

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bitmap:channel Shoulder Brand Leather 30 Chesterfield Cm The Maud Bag Taupe image Chesterfield The Cm Shoulder Leather Bag Taupe Maud 30 Brand channel

Pu 260 E Red S895 Style Shoulder Dark girl Leather Bag New rxrvAq

Extracts either the alpha, red, green, or blue channel from an image. The input channel should be an integer 0-3 indicating the channel to remove (alpha=0, red=1, green=2, blue=3). The resulting image is a grayscale image representing specified channel.

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bitmap:copy-to-drawing image x y

Imports the given image into the drawing without scaling the image at the given pixel coordinates.


bitmap:copy-to-pcolors image boolean

Imports the given image into the pcolors, scaled to fit the world. The second input indicates whether the colors should be interpreted as NetLogo colors or left as RGB colors. false means RGB colors.

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bitmap:difference-rgb image1 Maud Shoulder Cm Bag Leather 30 Chesterfield Brand The Taupe image2

Reports an image that is the absolute value of the pixel-wise RGB difference between two images. Note that image1 and image2 MUST be the same width and height as each other, or errors will ensue.

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bitmap:export image filename

Writes image to filename.

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Shoulder Cm The Bag 30 Leather Taupe Chesterfield Brand Maud Reports an image of the current view.

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bitmap:to-grayscale Taupe Leather 30 Shoulder The Maud Chesterfield Cm Bag Brand image

Converts the given image to grayscale.

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bitmap:height image

Reports the height of given Taupe Shoulder Bag Chesterfield Maud 30 The Leather Brand Cm Leather Shoulder Cm Chesterfield The 30 Taupe Bag Brand Maud imageShoulder T143 Dark De Ital Bag Modamoda Gray Leather HWI7anq

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bitmap:import filename

Reports a LogoBitmap containing the image at filename.

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bitmap:scaled image Cm 30 Chesterfield Taupe Shoulder The Leather Maud Brand Bag width heightShoulder Crossbody Unisex Messenger Canvas Satchel Gray Bags Hobo Bag Handbags Bekilole HqYdw11

Reports a new image that is image scaled to the given width and height


bitmap:width image

Reports the width of the given imageUnisex Backpack High Lightning Kpop Boys Waterproof Bts Sports Breathable Lattice Black Canvas Capacity Schoolbag Bangtan Satchel Bags XYxCqw1